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Wow my first blog!   I was going to discuss trends, colors, and styles, however,  it occurred to me ..  after our event I should talk about,  “What do you do when you have more guest than you originally thought?” Last night we had an event of 129 registered people and 175 people sat for dinner, expecting a plated meal.  Tell me this hasn’t happened to you?  You send out invitations to a party and only a few respond.  You assume you’re going to have a certain amount and add a little more just in case.

Happy to be your Fishers Wedding Venue!

And hope for the best …

This happened to me years ago when I invited the French exchange students and their host families for year-end party I sent out invitations and 24 people RSVP.  I decided to get 28 chicken breast because they are high school students. I Had asked everyone to bring a side dish for the party . It’s a beautiful day and the guest started arriving.  Unfortunately, everyone brought desserts. (So no side dishes)  In addition to all desserts there were guest arriving that did not RSVP.  We had a total of 50 people arrive at my house for dinner.  Of course I told my family they could not eat plus the other couple I invited I told them they could not eat either. So now we are  at 43 people for dinner. My dog has never done this before …she decides to jump up and eat two chicken breast.  ( I am not kidding) On top of that the French teacher, his wife and son decide that they’re going to take theirs to go. REALLY This leaves 23 chicken breast for 43 people. How DO you plan for  the unexpected guests.

This is what I do
1.  I always cut the meat in half or on  very thin strips. People always take less when you Cut the meat. Portion control

2 I add a lot lettuce maybe more tomatoes (whatever you have)to the existing salad

3. If need be I always am prepared to cook a pasta dish. This  comes in handy because it’s a staple that’s in your pantry.  Just by adding a few ingredients it makes it taste homemade.   Visit our website to see the quick pasta dish in a pinch.


As for the French party everyone ate at least a small piece of chicken, I did make a huge bowl of pasta, and had plenty of salad,   Yes we had desserts a plenty

As for The Wellington with the quick response of the chef and the servers they created more dinners for the unexpected.  As a matter of fact the client gave the general manager and the wait staff a standing ovation. Yes they signed for next year

Happy party planning until next week.

The Wellington