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There’s more to table linens!

Chris , the sales rep from Linen Heroe and I met each other about two months ago at a meeting at the Yacht Club located in Fishers Indiana. I was so impressed with the table linens and napkins I pursued her to be one of our vendors at The Wellington in Fishers, Indiana. What I like about the linens she used were the variety of fall colors on the different tables plus the multiple colors on one table. I did notice also that the cloth was a different material than the standard table cloth. Sometime when planning a wedding or event in order to save money typically what is chosen is either black or white table cloths and napkins. I thought I would interview Chris to get a broader perspective on different ideas for a budget event so don’t hold back give me everything.

How long have you been with linen hero? I started at Chair Covers & Linens, www.linenhero.com, in November of 2010. It’s been 5 great years! I get to cover the state of Indiana as a Linen Hero and love being out meeting new people and seeing all the beautiful venues of Indiana.

What are the hot colors and do the colors seem to run seasonally We are seeing a lot of textured linens in multiple colors. There really is no “color of the year”, it’s all about your personal taste and the vision you have to make your event beautiful and memorable. Navy’s, ivory, platinum and eggplant are always very popular for the fall months with coral, peach and mint making a strong appearance in the late winter months and in to spring. Purple’s seem to be an Indiana favorite.

How are the linens priced? Is it based on the material or design or a little of both? Linens are priced based on the material used and the cost for us to purchase the fabric.

If you had a very limited budget what would you recommend I love linens with some color. With us, it doesn’t cost more to get an amethyst colored linen than to get a white one in the same material. Getting a linen with texture or some visual interest for the table top eliminates the need for costly flower arrangements. Let the linens do the work for the table.

Runners are super hot these days and you can get a great one for $7.50-$20 depending on the fabric. They are all cut 14″ wide so you get pretty substantial table top coverage for an inexpensive price.
As part of making an event visually interesting, you can cover some tables with an overlay on top of the basic linen and some tables with a runner or with a larger centerpiece.

The key tables at a wedding are the head table and the cake table. If you can’t do anything else, be sure to get a fabulous linen to compliment your wedding cake. You’re going to have a ton of photos of that cake and want to show it in the best light using color and texture, especially if your cake lacks color. A white cake on a white linen will get lost. Help it stand out with some flair!

If you had an unlimited budget what are some ideas you would recommend Bling, bling bling! Sequins and texture are all the rage now and what a way to make an event memorable. I like to mix a couple different looks for the tables to add visual interest but keep them all in the same color palate. It’s all about the picture you have in your head for your perfect event and what makes you happy. Of course I love chair covers as nothing formalizes an event like a pretty chair cover. Sashes come in about every color in the rainbow so we’re only limited by our imaginations. Don’t forget to do something special for all those extra tables like cake, buffet, memory, escort, and gift tables. I bet your DJ would appreciate a little color, too.

What are new styles for chair covers and sashes We are using a lot of our spandex ruched chair covers which come in black, white, ivory, silver, charcoal and gold. They create a sleek look on any banquet chair and are clean-line perfect.

If you had to choose between chair covers or a colored table cloth what would you do That’s a really tough one. I’d say it really depends on the condition and color of the chairs in the facility. If the chairs don’t go with your overall color scheme, then a good chair cover is a must. It will be harder for your guests to notice your beautiful table linens and centerpieces if those red chairs go uncovered in your Spring-colored event. If you’re on a really tight budget, I’d get the chair covers with a great sash in a color that speaks to your taste.

I love the variety of colors and designs of your napkins. Which design is the most popular Again, tough one. I’d say our most popular is our duchess satin which is a matte satin. It comes in over 50 colors and there are a ton of fun ways to fold napkins to be part of your overall event design. I really like a napkin with some texture like a damask or some shine like our galaxy line if you are using a more understated linen for your event.

When you walk into a room for your event you want your guest to have “The Wow” factor. The Wow Factor is created by the different colors on the table and chairs Remember, your guest will be sitting at the table for 3-5 hours so give them something interesting and beautiful to see!

I really believe for a little extra even on a limited budget everyone can have that excitement. We at The Wellington attract people from Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, and the Geist area of Indianapolis and we are very aware of budgets large or small. We like to give as many options as possible so our clients can choose where they want to spend their event dollars.

So remember there is more than white, black and cream.

Until next time…